Did you see the picture that accompanied this blog? Take another look. Isn’t it beautiful! That is a painting that hangs in the center of one of my living room walls and it is aptly title “The Shift”. Now, let me tell you the story behind it.

I have a beautiful artist friend. She is the artist of “The Shift”. I follow her on Instagram and have always admired her work. Her ability to capture a feeling with paint is amazing. During one of our conversations, I mentioned that I would love to have one of her paintings. That’s when I learned something very unique about her.

She said she would put my name on her list, but she also let me know that she didn’t go in numerical order. At first, I didn’t understand. Then, she explained. While she kept a list of people who wanted her work, she would never start a project by saying, “this one is for so and so,”. No, she would start the project and let it speak to her.

Now, she has a beautiful spirit and is full of faith. Between that and meditation, she would do her work. She created her environment that welcomed her into her painting and proceeded to paint what she was led to paint. At some point, the potential future owner started to make themselves known to her.

The day she contacted me to let me know she might have a painting for me, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to see it. That’s when I learned her next unique way of doing things. She sent me a picture of the painting and asked that I take my time to see if the painting spoke to me. What she didn’t know was that it spoke to me the second she told me it was called, “The Shift’.

You see, at that particular time things were starting to slowly change for me. I knew something was coming. I just wasn’t sure what. I didn’t know at that time that I would get to be an author full time and run my own business. I had no idea how many doors were about to open for me, but I knew a shift was coming and I knew that painting belonged to me.

This is one of many reasons why I love the artistic world. We tend to understand others pretty well. Our senses are heightened in a way that keeps us in tune with nature, faith, and people. My friend is an amazing artist and of course I want more!

If you liked what you saw in my painting, show her by following her on Instagram at hope_at_the_heart and let her know you loved my painting. Don’t forget to follow me as well…author_k_wendt!!

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