Wait! What!? Texas Writer’s Month??

Did you know about this? I didn’t until about two months ago. May is Texas Writer’s Month. How many people authors and nonauthors alike know this?

I have a feeling that number is a small one. I mean, how could you know we are currently in a month dedicated to Texas Writers when it’s not really advertised. I subscribe to several different writer emails…there might be one that has said something about it. Otherwise, zip, zilch, nada on letting us know about it.

Why is that do you think? Is it because the bigger national groups don’t know about it? Is it because so many other things are going, it gets forgotten? Admittedly, in all my five years published, this year was the first I had heard about it.

What about the Texas groups that exist for Texas writers? Why aren’t they promoting it? Why is it being pushed aside as an unimportant mention on the calendar?

In truth, I find it irritating that it’s not publicized more. There are around 9,000 authors in Texas alone. Hello!! Anybody there? Let’s celebrate ourselves dammit!

For my fellow authors…don’t you want to???? Don’t you want to take a day this month and go, “hey, I’m a Texas author and I’m proud of it!”.

For those who support us…don’t you want to see your friend or family member celebrated??? Boast about us on social media. Put our links out there and encourage people to buy our books.

We need the support of each other. We need the support of family and friends, especially those of us that are Indie authors. We really can’t be successful unless we all chip in. 

So, here is my info for all of you to share…https://www.indielector.store/k-wendt.aspx and www.kwendt.com…www.consultingbyk.com

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