If you haven’t read part one, please go to last week’s blog and read it before reading this one. Enjoy!


Part Two 

            It was two in the morning when Jen got back on her bike to go home. It had been a good night. Aaron was, as usual, great on the stage. She thought about him as she waved one last time at him before driving away.

            She wished he’d leave this small town and chase his Nashville dream. She didn’t know anything about the industry, but she did know he had talent and it was being wasted here.

            She decided to turn left and take the long way home. It was a cloudless sky tonight and the stars were beautiful. She loved riding on the open road under the stars. For the most part it was calming to her. Just think of now, not then she would always tell herself as her mind drifted to a time so long ago now.

            Jen shook her head and instead thought about the good time she had had with her friends. While, Aaron sang, Jen and Lynn drank drinks that other hopeful men bought for them. Jen knew her limit and she also knew neither one of them would be going home with someone. It was a rule they had made many years ago:  If you want to remember everything that happened, don’t get drunk and no man is worth the drink he’s buying. They both believed love was found outside the bar, not in it.

            Jen’s mind wandered again. She knew that to be true. Love, did indeed exist outside the bar. Too bad she wasn’t able to hold on to it. Jen slowed down as she came to some deer grazing on the side of the road. As she crept passed them, she realized where she was. Memories came rushing back to her of another cloudless night, sitting on his hood, snuggled into his arms and wishing they could stay like that forever.

            Get over it Jen! She chided herself. It was so long ago. He’s gone. Not coming back. Let go! Jen shifted gears and sped up her bike. This time going a little faster than she should around the curves. She was running from the memories again, just like she did every time she took that drive. Her vision blurred under her helmet as she attempted to will the tears to stop. She hated that he still affected her so much. It had been long enough. Why did she care anymore? As Jen blinked the tears away, she knew the answer.




                        “Hey, Jen,” Lynn said as she shook her best friend. “We’re going to be late.”

            Jen opened one eye and looked up at Lynn


                        “It’s almost time for the game.” Lynn said getting up and pulling the covers off of Jen.

                        “Ugh,” Jen moaned and turned over. “Tell me why we go to watch a losing team again.”

                        “Because,” Lynn said “we should support them whether they win or lose.”

            Jen sat up. “Right! That’s why we go. It has absolutely nothing to do with the new coach.”

                        “Oh!” Lynn swatted Jen with a pillow. “Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t, but you need to get up.” Lynn swatted at her again.

                        “Alright,alright,” Jen said getting out of  bed. “I’m up, just let me take a quick shower.”



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