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Part Three


            After the game, Jen and Lyn met up with Aaron and a few other friends at the only pizza joint in town. The Lobos had lost another game but, no one was surprised by that. The school was known for it’s rodeo and ag program, not for football or really any other sport. But, you support your town’s local teams no matter what and most of their friends liked to go for pizza after a game.

“Hey, girls,” Will said as they came into the restaurant.

“Hey, Will,” Lyn said as she scooted into the corner booth next to him.

Jen scooted in next to Aaron. He put his arm around her and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

“Are you still mad about last night?” he asked her.

“You know I hate tarantulas,” she frowned at him.

“That’s not what I’m talking about, Red.”

Jen knew what he was referring to. She just didn’t want to talk about it. Not then, in front of all their other friends. Never again, actually. She didn’t want to discuss one of the worst nights she had ever experienced with anyone.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Aaron. Please don’t bring it up again.” She told him.

“Whatever you say, Red,” Aaron kissed her lightly on the cheek. “Just remember I do love you and I am always here for you.”

Jen blused slightly as she caught Lyn watching them. Lyn had always teased that it should have been Aaron Jen ended up with instead of wasting her time on Thomas. Thomas…

Jen wondered how Thomas was doing. Where was he now? What was he doing? Was he happy? Did he think about her? Jen shook her head slightly. She chided herself inwardly for falling back into the pit of memories she swore she’d never visit again. She knew better. Every now and then, with the voicing of certain phrases, certain times of the year, and every damn time she took that ride, memories of the only man she had truly loved came flooding back and her heart would break all over again.



Lyn watched her two best friends across the table. They really were perfect for each other. Aaron didn’t let anything happen to Jen he could prevent and there was a night long ago, he nearly killed a man over her. Lyn wished the two of them would get over the “we’re just friends” wall they built up for each other and just be the couple they were meant to be.

Lyn knew when her best friend was happy and when she wasn’t. Her happiest times always seemed to involve Aaron. Even when she dated that pain in the ass, Thomas, Jen was still happiest when Aaron was around. Thank God that jerk left, Lyn thought.

She didn’t like Thomas. Never had. Something about him made her cringe every time he came around. Maybe it was the fact that his nose actually appeared to be stuck in the air when he was around Jen’s friends. The man had high expectations and ambitions. He couldn’t be faulted for that, but it was obvious he had a very clear idea of the type of people that were going to be worth his trip to the top.

Jen was an ideal person for him. At least in the beginning, when he was still finding his way. He was her first college sweetheart. She was his….Lyn wasn’t sure what Jen ever was to Thomas, but oh how Jen had loved him. Bastard!

“Lyn, what do you want to drink?” Will asked, shaking Lyn back to reality.

How long had the waiter been standing there?

“Sorry, I’ll have Pepsi please.” She told the waiter.

“Where did you drift off to?” Will asked.

Lyn looked across the table at her best friend.

“Nowhere, really,” she lied. “Just remembered something I have to do before my first client on Monday.”

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