This month is known as National Novel Writing Month. The goal for this month is to write 50,000 words, which equals the length of a basic novel. I have decided to do the challenge thru my blogs. Now, I must tell you that I know this means I will not reach 50,000 words. I’m okay with that. My primary writing focus right now is my next novel, “Burned on Sunday”, which I’m near finishing. I don’t get to write everyday, but I still need to practice my writing. Due to a recent conversation with someone planning a trip to the Davis Mountains, my own personal memories of Alpine, and the people I have known and loved there, I am going to free write a new story via my blog for this month. Now, the purpose of this challenge is just to write, not edit. So, you are going to be reading the very first rough draft of the story I’m creating. You WILL see mistakes. Lucky for you though, I’m typing this one from the beginning. I usually hand write my first rough drafts because then I’m not so tempted to edit as I go. Anyway, let me introduce to one of my favorite places on earth. A place where Elvis once performed on stage at Sul Ross State University and Haas’s hat sits behind protected glass at the Museum of the Big Bend…enjoy!


Part One


            The gravel kicked up from under the black Harley’s tires as it came to a stop in front of the bar. As the dust settled back down, all the men outside watched as the black leathered figure turned off the bike. Cat calls and whistles escaped the lips of a few of the drunken idiots toward the bike’s rider. 

            Jen rolled her eyes underneath her helmet. She needed to get off her bike and go into the bar. Her friends were waiting for her, but the eight legged creature between her and the door was taking it’s time to get out of her way.

                        “Jen!” Lynn called from the doorway.

            Jen took off her helmet, letting her long red hair flow down her back as she did so. She pointed toward the eight-legged creature.

                        “Oh, good grief!” Lynn said as she turned and disappeared back into the bar.

            A few of the cat calls continued as Jen stayed on her bike. Most of it had died down when some of the men realized who was sitting on the bike.

            Lynn came back out of the bar. This time, she had Aaron with her. He had a broom in his hand. Jen watched as Aaron walked over to the tarantula preventing Jen from getting off her bike. She saw the direction Aaron intended to send the tarantula.

                        “Aaron!” she screamed. “Don’t you dare!”

            With one sweep of the broom, Aaron helped the tarantula jump closer to Jen’s bike.

                        “Aaron, I swear!” she screamed again.

            Aaron was doubled over laughing. The tranantula decided to get a little closer to Jen.

                        “Aaron!” she screamed. “Seriously, I’ll start this bike back up and run you over!”

                        “Okay, okay, Red.” Aaron stood to his full six foot height. “Calm down.”

            He went over to the tarantula and helped it redirect it’s path. When it was far enough away, Jen finally got off the bike.

                        “I hate you, Aaron.” She said between clenched teeth.

            Aaron walked over to her, put his arm around her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

                        “Naw, Red, you love me and you know it.”

            She punched him in the chest.

                        “Ow!” He said laughing.

                        “I may love you, but I sure don’t like you right now.” She squeezed out of his grasp and walked up the steps to the bar. Lynn was on the ground in tears from laughing so hard. “And you,” Jen said. “What sort of best friend does that to a person? There was nothing funny about that.”

                        “Oh, yes there was,” Lynn said as she tried to calm down. “You’re just mad because it was at your expense.”

            Aaron joined them on the porch. “Shall we go in and drink the night away, ladies?”

            Jen looked down and realized she hadn’t taken her protective gear off.

                        “Hold on,”

            She walked back out to her bike and proceeded to strip off her leather pants and jacket. All males eyes watching. She smiled to herself at the obvious oogling. Too bad they weren’t to get everything they were hoping for. Under her leather pants she was wearing skinny jeans that were tucked into her riding boots and hugged her hips and curvy butt. The casual black tank top draped across perfectly shaped breasts. She combed her fingers through her long hair, shaking it out as she did so. Satisfied, she went back to the porch to join her so called friends.

                        “Jeez, Jen,” Aaron said, “For someone who swore off dating, you sure know how to mess with a guy.”

            Jen smiled as she walked to the door, “I don’t mind showing them what they’re missing. Now, how about a Jack and Coke before your set?” she said as she walked into the bar.

            Her two friends followed her.

                        “Hey, Sam,” Jen said as she sat down on a stool.

            Sam turned from the customer he was serving.

                        “’Bout time you came in,” Sam told her. “I was losing customers because of you.

                        “Me?” Jen smiled. Sam liked to tease her  and she knew it.

                        “Yeah, you,” every guy in here had to see who was causing all the fuss outside.” Sam leaned across the bar and looked at Jen with a serious face, “tell me, did this one survive this time?”

                        “What?” Jen was confused. “What are you talking about?”
“You know damn well what I’m talking about,” Sam told her, a smile forming on his lips, “the last encounter you had with a tarantula resulted in the poor little guy’s death.” Sam, Lynn, and Aaron all bursted out laughing.

            Jen tilted her chin up, “They are not poor little creatures,” she said trying to defend her fear of the eight-legged creations. “They are creepy.”

                        “You know, Jen,” Lynn said, “if someone who didn’t know you heard you talking they would never believe you love this place so much.”

                        “Ain’t that the truth!” Aaron agreed.

                        “I do love Alpine. I could just do without those things living here.”

                        “Enough about spiders,” Aaron said. “Are you going to sing with me tonight, Red?”


                        “Oh come on1” Lynn said. “you should. You cowrote some of the songs with him after all.”

                        “Nope, I’m just fine with writing the lyrics. I don’t need to sing them and no one needs to hear me sing them.”

                        “I’ve heard you sing, Red, You’re not bad.”Aaron teased.

                        “When have you ever heard me sing?” Jen asked.

                        “Oh, I don’t think this the time to discuss that,” He said with a grin. “Besides, it’s time for me to onstage.”

            Aaron walked off quickly.

                        “I wonder what he’s talking about.” Jen said.

                        “Oh, based on how red your cheeks are right now,” Lynn replied. “I think you know.” She gave her best friend a wink before turning to get a good view of the stage to watch their friend perform.

            Jen did know what Aaron was referring to, but that was always supposed to remain between them. She wished he hadn’t teased her about it in front of everyone else.

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