A quick note…Thank you for allowing me to practice my craft this month. I have been asked if I will continue this story. The answer to that is, yes. I don’t know exactly when or how, but yes, this story will one day be completed. 


Part Four


It had been another stressful day at the office. Thomas threw his mail on the counter as he walked into his downtown apartment. Dallas was booming with the Cowboys winning last night’s game.

He took off his jacket and tie. He hated having to wear a tie a work. It always made him feel like the life was being sucked out of him. What he wouldn’t give to be an old pair of Wranglers and straddling a horse right now, he thought as he took out a glass to pour his evening relaxer in.

Jack and Coke. That had been their thing. He had taught Jen how to drink it one night. Damn.

If Thomas were honest with himself, he would admit that he missed her. Needed her. But, he didn’t think she would ever want to see or speak to him again. Not after the way things ended.


It happened on graduation night many years ago. Everyone was celebrating being done with college and moving on officially in adulthood. He had a career waiting for him Dallas. Moving up the scales in the financial world was his goal and he had decided the girl he loved was too small town to go on the ride with him.

Thomas had decided it was best to wait until the end of the night when it was just the two of them to tell Jen. He had to settle on doing it in front of Aaron because it seemed that guy wasn’t going to leave. Maybe he sensed what I was going to do?

Thomas had taken her outside into the backyard of the house Jen rented. He had thought maybe putting some distance between them and Aaron would help him say what he needed to. T

As he took a drink from his glass, Thomas remembered Jen’s reaction. He had never seen so angry, or so hurt the whole time he had known her. He knew she had ever reason to be upset. He chose his career over her. That was a decision he didn’t think he would ever regret. That was also twenty years and one divorce ago. Now, as he downed his glass, he’d give anything to have her back, laughing in his arms.

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