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Emma bookAuthor K Wendt is poised for the imminent release of her first novel, following a string of successes with children’s books in the Susie Series.

Wendt is excited about the new adventure into fiction for adults. She previously published a well-received collection of poems for women entitled, Beneath It All, which focused on the issues of life in the many roles women play in today’s society.

Wendt’s new release, Emma’s Journey, is set to debut at a gala event October 1, 2016, at New Braunfels beautiful Faust Hotel.

Susie, Billy, and Danny tell the stories of young children learning lessons in self-esteem and courage as well as the value of friendship.

Wendt’s first book, Duney, is a retelling of the story of David and Goliath. She also offers the delightful story of Nate the Gnat in Washed Away, a story of courage and determination in the face of all odds. When pressed to choose her favorite work, Wendt just smiles.

“That’s like telling a mother to choose her favorite child. I love them all!”


Her first work, Duney, was created with the help of her son, Monte, who provided the illustrations. She has worked with another illustrator on the last four children’s books.

“I’ve been writing since high school, starting with lyrics and poems. My first idea for a novel came to me in 2002, and over the years I’ve set my writing aside then briefly picked it up again, but could never get serious about finishing. Publishing Duney finally opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to do this…needed to be a writer.”

She said the idea for Duney came to her in 2013, and she said she had to see it through. After that, she put her time and energy into chasing her dream to write, and she loves to share that story with groups of all sizes as a speaker for both adults and children. The result is finally finishing Emma’s Journey. Which has changed everything.

“I’m so excited and terrified at the same time. It’s a big step, putting myself out there, but I’m ready.”

Wendt makes her home in the warm country charm of New Braunfels, where she enjoys not only writing and speaking, but traveling with friends.

Visit to learn more about K Wendt’s children’s works, read her blog, see upcoming events and learn more. Wendt is available for interviews via [email protected].

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