The Life of an Author

Please excuse the following nerd moment I’m about to have with you, but I’m constantly asked questions and seem to constantly amaze people with my answers and all the projects that are in process. So, I decided today I would try to write a little about that.

First, as I have said multiple times, I breathe when I write. I don’t know how to explain that any more simply. For me, writing is a need and must because that is when I feel most like myself. I love sitting down and creating stories from ideas I have. I love stringing words together to see what they do with themselves.

I can’t help it, that’s who I am. It probably has a lot to do with how shy I was when I was younger. I hated talking to people, it made me nervous to do so. I started my writing journey in high school with poetry and lyrics because I could express myself that way easier.

I was never really sure this writing dream would become a reality for me, but God decided let me get on this ride and I never want to get off! I have become more like myself than I ever have before. I love what I do and I love hearing others are enjoying it. The only thing that upsets me is that it took me so long to have the courage to chase this dream.

Anyway, I hope that answers why I write. Granted, it’s not the most money making profession out there, at least not right now! J So, I do actually work. This amazes people, especially when I share my upcoming projects. They want to know when in the world I write. Well, the answer is easy…whenever I can! I have learned to take my current project to work so I can work on it during down time. I have learned to use my days off to work on what I can. I work on things in the morning and at night. This week, I also worked on a project while at a book event. I don’t do the last one very often, but the traffic for that event was very slow so I took advantage of it.

That’s how I get my projects done, by working on them when I can. I recently started working with hard deadlines and those have been very helpful. For example, I had to have my FIRST draft of “Karl’s Trial” done by December 1st so that it could go through at least two major edit processes, cover design, formatting, and printing in order to ready for release on Labor Day of 2019. Yes, it DOES take that long to get a book ready for its release date.

So, I have that draft done…what now…well here is a look into my writing world….

“Where Did My Stars Go?”-currently being illustrated and will go through formatting with an expected release of February 2019.

“Just a Doodle”-waiting for me to go through the suggested edits, cover design and formatting with an expected release of January 2019

“Burned on Sunday”-metadata consultation, final edit, cover design and formatting with an expected release of March 2019

“Phoebe”-being edited and leveled, looking for illustrator, formatting with expected release of fall of 2019

“Karl’s Trial”-book one of Autumnville Series-discussed in blog

“Emma’s Journey”-book two-revised, new cover and formatting, released Halloween 2019

There are six more books in this series, but you get the basic idea and before you call me crazy, please understand that I absolutely love this and I’m so glad I’m getting to follow my dream!!

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