It’s all about the Journey

 As this year comes to a close, I hope you find yourself further along your journey than when the year first began. I hope you experienced joyful moments and times of growth. I hope you are excited about the year to come.

Because…I am!

I will be starting the new year on a new part of my path. I’m excited and anxious to see what lies before me in 2019. 2018 was an amazing year with multiple moments of the door to the next part of my life opening up further and further. My writing world is expanding in ways I never thought it would and I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to chase my dream.

 Life is truly all about the journey and my hope is that as you come into the new year, you will embrace any opportunity to grow and move forward on your own journey. I encourage you to be open minded to see what may lay ahead. Trust me when I say this…if you allow those steps to speak to you…if you allow the one who created you to show you the way…it is a truly amazing experience!

Will it be easy? Not always, no. But what is growth if there isn’t a little pain?

Will it be messy? Maybe a little.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely!! I would not be where I am if I didn’t trust my Creator and the steps that have been laid out before me. So, I leave you with this last thought of 2018….

Live the life you’ve been dreaming of all this time. Chase it and help it come to be! It’s time to be who you were meant to be!!

Merry Christmas  everyone!

Until we meet here again the first Sunday of January 2019.



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