Girl in the Mirror

I’ll be forty-three in seven days. I have never considered myself to be beautiful or even pretty. I look in the mirror and there are always things I don’t like about myself staring back at me. My stomach will never be flat, no matter how much I wish it could be. I have short legs due to being all of five feet four inches tall. While my friends tell me I have nice, even sexy legs, there is a four-inch scar above my right knee that draws my eyes to it every time I look at my legs. My legs are not sexy or even nice to me. Try as I might, when I look in the mirror, I don’t like the girl looking back at me.

Why is that?

I have the coveted red hair and eyes that are green most of the time. (My eyes change from green to grey to blue.) The older I get and the further into a certain phase of life I get into, the curlier my hair gets. I now have the natural wave I always wanted as a child. I’m finding people to be envious of that as well. But why? It’s just me.

You see, the problem is the same for me as it is for every other woman or girl growing up. We don’t like the girl in the mirror looking back at us. There is always something wrong with her. Something that could be better somehow, in some way.

We all want to hear that we’re pretty or beautiful. Don’t believe us when we try to deny that, it’s not true. Every girl wants to believe they are pretty no matter how much they hate the girl in the mirror.

But, the funny thing is, even when we hear it, we still don’t believe it. We go straight into…oh, but if I could be just a little thinner…or my thighs are huge…or my butt is too big and not in a good way! Even I am guilty of pointing out my scar when my friends compliment my legs when I’m wearing shorts.

Why do we do that!!? Our friends, the true near and dear ones are supposed to be our closest people. Why do we not believe them when they say we’re pretty? Building each other up is rare these days, why do we swat it down when it happens!

I, personally, think there needs to be more of that. We need to build each other up. There is enough bullying in this world today. Adults and kids alike are body shaming others for what purpose? To make themselves feel better??

I have no idea, but I know this…we have to start with ourselves. We have to start believing we are beautiful. I know it’s hard to believe this. Trust me, I deal with the girl in the mirror every day, but here’s something to think about…

How about a change in perspective….

How about looking at the girl in the mirror and recognizing her for the beautiful creation she is. The Creator of everything took the time to create each and every one of us just exactly how we are. Every part of us tells a story of who we are and where we came from. Our bodies, our image is an illustration of the story we hold inside of ourselves. Why are we so ashamed of the Creator’s work?

There is no such thing as perfection. Even perfection is not actually perfect. We will never be perfect. We will always see something wrong with us until we change our perspective of ourselves and also start building others up. As women, we always want to fight for each other, why do we lack doing so when it comes to building each other up. We have to start changing the perspective…

I am short. I do not have a model’s body. I will always have a stomach, even when trying to keep it from getting bigger. I have a scar that reminds me daily how I would rather have that than the stage one melanoma mole that was there first. I have lines slowly finding their way across my face. I have grey hairs trying to expose themselves to the world. My hands show I stay busy. My feet show how much I have stood on them over time. My body is my body. It’s the one the Creator gave me. Why can’t I be happy with this gift of me He gave?

I have friends whose eyes pierce the conversation, bodies toned to near perfection, and sex appeal that is evident no matter their body shape. All of these women are beautiful. Do you hear me!!????


It’s harder to believe that about ourselves than it is to believe it about others….so here’s my challenge to all of you beautiful women out there…build each other up. Tell your friend she’s beautiful…point it out…make her see it.

As far as convincing ourselves we are beautiful…stand in front of that mirror and find one thing you love about yourself physically…for me it is my eyes…I love the way they pop with their color…find the one thing…start there…tell yourself how beautiful it is and believe in what you are saying. You wouldn’t love that feature for no reason!

I’m going to do this too. I’m going to stand in front of my mirror and tell myself how beautiful I am and I’m going to thank the One who took the time to create me! Who’s with me??!!!

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