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K Wendt’s first published work is an adaptation of the story of David and Goliath told in a seaside setting meant to be shared with children aged 7 and younger. The delightful children’s picture book was a family affair, with illustrations by her teenaged son. She followed Duney with the story of a young girl, her father and a love of baseball in Susie. Then along came a spider (and a gnat) in Washed Away, the wonderful story of Billy the baker and his guitar-playing friend Danny. Wendt has even added a book of poetry for women.

While working on her children’s works, Wendt also produced a book of poetry for women and has completed her first adult novel, a charming tale of hope, courage, and self-discovery with a dash of sweet romance. Emma’s Journey available at Amazon now.

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Texas Writer’s Month

Wait! What!? Texas Writer’s Month?? Did you know about this? I didn’t until about two months ago. May is Texas Writer’s Month. How many people authors and nonauthors alike know this? I have a feeling that number is a small one. I mean, how could you know we are...

National Poetry Month

Every April, I post about poetry because April is National Poetry Month. I love poetry!!! Poetry and lyrics were the first form of writing I started doing seriously as a teenager. I love the freedom of poetry. While, yes, there are “rules” in poetry, there aren’t...

The Shift

Did you see the picture that accompanied this blog? Take another look. Isn’t it beautiful! That is a painting that hangs in the center of one of my living room walls and it is aptly title “The Shift”. Now, let me tell you the...


If you follow any of my social media pages, you’ve seen recent posts about a change I have made. I’m going to use this month’s blog to tell you a little more about it. In the first part of January, I left my retail job to jump into a whole new career role. One that I...

The Next Chapter

Hello all! Did you miss me?! Did you wonder where my blog was on the first Sunday of this month??...Well, let me tell you what all is going on… I am moving into the next chapter in my life. I have started a new job and entered this year with at least five hard...

It’s all about the Journey

It’s all about the Journey  As this year comes to a close, I hope you find yourself further along your journey than when the year first began. I hope you experienced joyful moments and times of growth. I hope you are excited about the year to come. Because…I am! I...

Life of an Author

Please excuse the following nerd moment I’m about to have with you, but I’m constantly asked questions and seem to constantly amaze people with my answers and all the projects that are in process. So, I decided today I would try to write a little about that.

Autumnville Series Book One: Karl’s Trial

Karl had just finished checking out a customer when his cell phone dinged with a message. He waited until he was in his office in the back before checking his phone. It was from his mom, Judy.

The Pick

As she trudged down the alley, Cenessa saw a small wooden box. It looked out of place among the cardboard boxes stacked beside the door that led into the back of her parent’s grocery store. The box was a little bigger than the size of her palm and looked to be made of a dark wood.

Leading the Way Home

*In continuing with the idea of practicing my short story writing, here is a new one for this week’s blog. This one has a little back story to it. There seems to be an underlying theme in my Artist Way class that consists of horses. Either fellow participants are good at capturing those creatures on paper or had a horse of some sort in their childhood. (Stick horses count!). As for me, the closest I come is my next novel, Burned on Sunday due out March 2019, is set in 1849 in a town in Colorado. Being that time period, horses were the most common way to get around. Anyway, enjoy!

Congratulations, K!


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