I have decided to stop the “Alpine” story on the blog. It has reached a point where I need to fine tune and enhance the story so it can indeed become a book. I hope you have enjoyed what I shared with you. I appreciate all the comments that were made on...

Alpine Chapter Fifteen Final Section

What the hell am I doing? Jen chided herself as Thomas kissed her. This isn’t what she wanted. Was it? Maybe? She didn’t know. She didn’t know what she wanted anymore. She had spent so long wondering what if and now she wasn’t sure she ever wanted to know. But, his kiss felt and tasted just as good as it had all those years ago. Memories flooded her mind of cloudless nights sitting on the hood of his car in this very spot. A time when the world seemed to only consist of the them. Those moments had seemed frozen in time back then.

Alpine last section of Chapter Fifteen

He took his time walking up to her. Nobody understood the emotions and memories she stirred in him when he had seen her at the game. So many questions have been going through his mind in the last forty-eight hours, he wasn’t sure himself what he was doing. He just knew he was doing it.

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