Alpine Chapter Fifteen Continued

Thomas decided he and Mike needed some distance after he took a much-needed shower to wash away the events of the night before. He grabbed the rental keys from the bar that separated Mike’s kitchen from the rest of the apartment.

Alpine Chapter Fifteen

Mike waited for the deputy to give Thomas back his personal items. Running on lack of sleep and anger he currently felt toward his friend, Mike tried hard to keep himself in check while they were in the police station. Once the deputy said Thomas was free to go, the two men walked quickly out of the building.

Beach Break

Please forgive me, but there will not be an Alpine update today. Taking a break and enjoying the day at the beach with my kids. I will continue the Alpine story next...

Alpine Chapter Fourteen Continued

The outer door to the jail cells clanged a few feet from where Thomas and Aaron found themselves sharing a cell. Aaron sat on the only bed in the cell, leaned against the wall nursing his black eye that was forming under the cold, wet towel he had managed to grab at the bar. Thomas leaned up against the wall opposite Aaron with one foot propped on the wall and his arms crossed across his chest. Aaron stared at him with his one good eye.

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