Alpine Chapter Fourteen

Aaron made sure Jen went back inside the bar before he approached Thomas. Once he saw her go in, he walked toward the Thomas was still sitting at. Thomas was nursing his beer with a look of bewilderment.

Chapter Thirteen Continued

Jen sipped her water as Thomas walked toward her. Her head hurt from the Jack and Coke rush she tried to use to solidify her nerves. Her stomach was doing somersaults thanks to her emotions all fighting for control over what was or was not about to happen.

Alpine Chapter Thirteen

Jen was on her second Jack and Coke by the time fellow bar patrons were cheering the arrival of Mike, Thomas, and some of the football players. The Lobos had won the Homecoming game, this being a first in quite a few years. Jen raised her eyebrows in innocence as she sipped her drink staring at her friend’s disapproving look.

Alpine Chapter Twelve

The girls headed toward the stands to find their friends and try to see Mike before the game started. Jen did her best to look confident as she got closer to the stands. Inwardly, however, she just wanted to find a trash can and release her nerves into it. After all these years, she was going to see the man that had shattered her heart.

Alpine Chapter Eleven Part Two

Mike paced back and forth nervously in his small kitchen.
“Cool place you got here, Mike,” Thomas said as he came out of the guest bedroom.

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