Alpine Chapter Eight

Jen and Aaron scooted into a booth in the drugstore after putting in an order at the counter for a chocolate malt for them to share. As they settle in across from each other, Aaron waited for Jen to be still.

Alpine Story Chapter Seven

Jen pulled up to the Railroad Bar and parked her bike. Luckily, there weren’t any eight- legged creatures in her way as she made her way up the steps and walked inside.

Alpine Story Chapter Six

Thomas was aggravated as he tried to work in his home office. The numbers on the spreadsheet before him were a mangled mess as he tried to make sense of things. He checked the phone beside him for the tenth time making sure he hadn’t missed a text from Mike.

Alpine Story Chapter Five

Chapter Five             Jen awoke Sunday morning in a daze. She was laying in her bed and trying to remember how and when she got there. Her phone began to light up and buzz against the nightstand it was on. The screen shown bright in the semi-darkness of Jen’s...

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