Alpine Story Chapter Four

By the end of the night, Mike had been glad he had gone to the barbeque. He reconnected with some former classmates and there seemed to be the possibility of new friendships. He laughed to himself as he remembered Will trying to crack a joke but, appeared to be a little too drunk to say it correctly. Thankfully, Will had crashed on the girl’s couch, so no one had to worry about him being on the road.

Alpine Story Chapter Three

Mike felt a little uneasy as he rang the doorbell beside the girl’s front door. He liked Jen and Lynn, but he wasn’t sure how they felt about him. It had been Will that invited him to this party, he had been unable to read how the girls felt about Will doing that.

Alpine Story Chapter Two

Thomas came back from an early morning run the next morning. Most of the time, he could clear his head when he went on a run. This morning, his head was just as clouded as it had been when he left his apartment an hour earlier. He had grabbed his mail from his box in the first- floor lobby on his way to his apartment.

Let’s Create a Story

This year is a year of change for me in the writing world. It’s time to make some crucial changes and move forward. As I do this, I ask that you please bare with me. I have decided thru the request of many, that this year’s blogs will focus on the writing...

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