NaNoWriMo Part Four

It had been another stressful day at the office. Thomas threw his mail on the counter as he walked into his downtown apartment. Dallas was booming with the Cowboys winning last night’s game.

NaNoWriMo Part Three

After the game, Jen and Lyn met up with Aaron and a few other friends at the only pizza joint in town. The Lobos had lost another game but, no one was surprised by that. The school was known for it’s rodeo and ag program, not for football or really any other sport. But, you support your town’s local teams no matter what and most of their friends liked to go for pizza after a game.

NaNoWriMo Part Two

It was two in the morning when Jen got back on her bike to go home. It had been a good night. Aaron was, as usual, great on the stage. She thought about him as she waved one last time at him before driving away.

NaNoWriMo Part One

This month is known as National Novel Writing Month. The goal for this month is to write 50,000 words, which equals the length of a basic novel. I have decided to do the challenge thru my blogs. Now, I must tell you that I know this means I will not reach 50,000 words. I’m okay with that.

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