Be Still Part Four

I think, for this last post on “be still”, I’m going to bring the focus to being an author. I don’t know how every author practices their craft. I only know myself. I am a quiet person. I can be in a group of people and say very little. Those who know me, know I’m having a good time. The ones who love me, put up with my quietness.

Be Still Part Three

As I go through this month thinking about how to “be still”, I find my mind drifting to my commute to and from work. I have twenty minutes both ways to sort of decompress from life and take a minute to breathe. I spend those times three different ways.

Be Still Part Two

Sometimes all we need is to be still. We need that break that helps us breathe. We need that minute that keeps us calm. We need the silence of peace.

Be Still Part One

It’s been a crazy week in Texas to say the least. While there was a lot of wind and rain where I live, we were not hurt by Hurricane Harvey. I have family members that did have to evacuate their homes for a while. Some have to replace their floors and a few things, but thankfully everyone is okay.

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