Who I Am Part Four

I’m going to end the blog theme for this month with a poem I wrote some time ago. I have moments where I battle with my identity and do indeed feel like I almost have to choose between two completely different worlds of living. Enjoy…

Who I Am Part Three

Yesterday, I attended a Cousin’s Family Reunion. This was the first year for this reunion and, hopefully, there are many more to come. As I spent time with my family, I saw how even my cousins make up part of who I am.

Who I Am Part Two

So, last week I gave some insight into my day job. Let me go into a little more detail into what I do.

Who I Am

I always tell people that if they want to get to know me, read my blogs. My blogs are where I’m a little more open about the way I feel and see certain things. Every blog I write is an opinion, my opinion.

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