Poetry Part Five

How fitting for the last day of National Poetry Month to fall on the day I post my last blog for April! It’s only right for this poem to be about the art itself, enjoy!!

Poetry Part Four

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you’ve just had enough of…everything. You’re tired mentally, physically, and emotionally. You don’t want to be responsible for one more decision. You need a break…before you crack.

Poetry Part Three

Okay, okay, I need to admit this week’s poem was a little harder to create. My mind has been busy with many things. It’s hard, sometimes, to settle the mind down to write. As I sat here for a few minutes trying to decide what the blog would be this week, I thought about one of the many stories I have started. The story itself was born from one those “look at this picture and create a story” things. While what you read in the poem below is not the story I’m writing, it’s based off the same picture.

Poetry Part Two

I have spent the last week waiting for my voice to come fully back to me. Due to this beautiful time of year and all the allergies that come flying in with the wind, I lost my voice last weekend. While it is better, it is still not fully back to normal. As I wrote the poem for this week’s blog, I thought about sitting in the silence as I tried to do during the first part of this week.

Poetry Part One

April is National Poetry Month. Poetry is my favorite form of writing. So, I’m going to focus on poetry for my blog posts this month.

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