K Wendt
The waves call me to embrace them
They desire to wash away my stress and worries

Texas Born ‘n’ Bred

I do not usually express my views on political or religious controversy on my social media. My preference is to stay neutral when on my pages. However, I received an email a little over a week ago that obtained news that has set my red hair on fire! I feel I must express myself on this topic and since I do that best through writing, it will be the subject of today’s blog. I apologize in advance if it offends anyone. I do understand that I do not have all the facts about this matter, but the shear audacity in which the decision was made is baffling.

Dream Come True

Last night was the realization of dream long dreamt. I had actually been holding the finished work of my first novel in my hands for a week. The only words I can use to describe how it has been for me the past week are bewildering and surreal! Every time a copy of Emma’s Journey was in my hands, I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe the book I was holding was mine with my name on it!!!

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