Emotional Rollercoaster

To say I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster ride this past week would be an understatement. As I write this, my emotions feel as though they are raw from a week of battle. I debated as to whether or not I wanted to share this with you, but I know most women experience an emotional battle of some sort at least once in their lives. So, here is mine…

Empty Nest

I have spent the last two days moving one child into his college dorm and the other into her new apartment. As of right now, that means I’m living in an empty nest…and it’s a weird feeling!

Randomness and Rain

   I have to admit right off that my mind is clouded much like the sky outside my window. There is much I would like to share with you today, but my thoughts choose not to obey. Everything is coming forth in random order. Sitting here now, I fight the temptation to...

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