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K is excited to write children’s fiction that spreads both a love of reading and a love of family. She has published seven wonderful stories for children aged 7 and younger, each with its own message on self-esteem, courage, and kindness. K has also added a book of poetry for women and her first novel, Emma’s Journey, to her collection of stories. K believes in expressing ideas through creative word play and loves the challenge of a new story idea, no matter the genre. By following this belief, K has become a prolific author in writing for both children and adults. K loves to offer her children’s works in story time settings. She also speaks to adult groups on finding purpose in life, the joys and heartaches of being a writer, and the struggle to find balance as a woman in today’s world.

Where Did My Stars Go ?


New Book Available

Beth loves to say good night to the stars outside her bedroom window every night before she goes to sleep. One night she becomes upset when she sees rain clouds covering her stars! As Beth waits for it to stop raining, she learns how to appreciate other things and a valuable lesson in patience.

Available in Kindle or Paperback

Poems for Women

Author K Wendt’s first published book of poems offers insights into the beauty and pain of life as a woman. Beneath It All speaks to the heart of every woman in every season.


The death of her friend and mentor devastated her almost as much as finding out about his past. But when Emma learns his plans for her in his small hometown, she will have to make hard decisions about who she is, what she believes and the man she is falling for.

Children’s Books

A wonderful story of learning to love your gifts even in the face of peer pressure, Billy is perfect to read with children 7 and young. Author K Wendt and Illustrator Mandy Lambright team up to bring to life Susie’s friend Billy as he learns to be proud of his special talents. It is a simple, inviting story, and is widely available in print and e-book for easy access.

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Texas Writer’s Month

Wait! What!? Texas Writer’s Month?? Did you know about this? I didn’t until about two months ago. May is Texas Writer’s Month. How many people authors and nonauthors alike know this? I have a feeling that number is a small one. I mean, how could you know we are...

National Poetry Month

Every April, I post about poetry because April is National Poetry Month. I love poetry!!! Poetry and lyrics were the first form of writing I started doing seriously as a teenager. I love the freedom of poetry. While, yes, there are “rules” in poetry, there aren’t...

The Shift

Did you see the picture that accompanied this blog? Take another look. Isn’t it beautiful! That is a painting that hangs in the center of one of my living room walls and it is aptly title “The Shift”. Now, let me tell you the...


If you follow any of my social media pages, you’ve seen recent posts about a change I have made. I’m going to use this month’s blog to tell you a little more about it. In the first part of January, I left my retail job to jump into a whole new career role. One that I...

The Next Chapter

Hello all! Did you miss me?! Did you wonder where my blog was on the first Sunday of this month??...Well, let me tell you what all is going on… I am moving into the next chapter in my life. I have started a new job and entered this year with at least five hard...

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